Program of equestrian leisure activities, equestrian hiking and environmental routes

  • Ruta Vega de Carmona (2 hours) A beautiful route around the Cortijo Santa Clara.  Enjoy views of olive trees, orchards, wheat and sunflower fields and watch the River Corbones flowing by.
  •   Ruta del Cesar (3 hours) Experience the entire perimeter of the splendid fortress of Carmona and delve into the fascinating history of its walled enclaves.
  •   Ruta de los Pilares (4 hours) An interesting tour of the springs and sources in the area around Carmona
  •   Ruta Jorge Bonsor An expedition to visit all the archaeological sites in the region and enjoy spectacular views of the city from the valley.   All routes can be made in a horse and cart apart from the ‘Ruta del Cesar’   Snacks and water will be provided.